SOE Live 2013: Class Panel Takeaways

  • Revealed classes are Warrior, Wizard, Blademaster, Rogue, and Tempest (this one may be a multi-class build; not certain)
  • Each class has an identity; needs to be functional and evoke an emotion to connect to the player (ex: Warrior is destructive and violent, feel like a non-delicate brute)
  • Used “iconic characters” such as the Juggernaut or the Hulk as inspiration
  • Every class should be fun! Fun to play and look at (abilities evoking a WOW factor)
  • Animated to show personalities
  • The class you pick determines your armor, weapons (including abilities) and character abilities
  • Multi-classing is very important!
  • Collect classes to: advance them all individually (advancement is in “tiers”), swap between them outside of combat, open up new gameplay
  • Progression can be applied to any character class you possess
  • Play however you want, whenever you want.. EQ Next does not require the use of dedicated tanks and healers
  • Action-oriented combat
  • Build your character how you want by collecting classes and use abilities to create different class builds that match your playstyle
  • The core of your character is formed by the armor, items, and weapon abilities from your class (ex: Warrior with heavy armor, hammer and shield, then weapon abilities like Forceful Blow)
  • Character abilities can be adjusted (more below)
  • Abilities and items combined enhance your customized class build

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SOE Live 2013: Hardcore Decorating Followup

A lot of players showed up to the EQ2 Hardcore Decorating panel we put on at SOE Live 2013 this year. THANK YOU to everyone that attended as well as those who expressed interest but were unable to attend. We nearly filled the entire room (I think someone estimated at least 70 people were there), and Qho even made an honorary appearance on stage while some developers hung out in the audience. Yay decorating!!!

None of us thought to record the panel until afterward, which I guess was our bad. Afista put up an awesome summary, including our presentation, over on EQ2 Design Gallery. I had passed out some Decorating Resource cards, and all the info that was available on those can be found in the EQ2 ZAM wiki.
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Vegas, Here I Come!

Teaser Characters - July 2013I’ll be leaving for Las Vegas in the morning, so I just wanted to throw out a last minute reminder to keep an eye on my Twitter feed for live updates during SOE Live. I’ve downloaded an app to try and blog from my phone as well, but I suspect that may be a bit more unwieldy for a blog newbie.

Hope to meet lots EQ Next fans at SOE Live! For those of you that are unable to attend, be sure to watch the EQ Next reveal live at 12pm (noon) Pacific Time on Friday, August 2!